Define Your Sound


Go to Production


Are you a rapper, singer, or vocalist that is looking for custom high quality beats and instrumentals to record your vocals on? Contact me and I will work with you to produce a tailor made instrumental just for you.

Go to Mixing


Does your song feel like it’s lacking character, vibe, punch, and warmth? Is it missing a radio ready sound quality? Mixing helps to bring out the best qualities in every instrument and will help to make your song sound the best that it can.

Go to Mastering


Do you have a great sounding mix, but it feels like it lacks the volume and clarity that you hear from commercial releases? With mastering, I can help you finalize your songs and prepare them so that they are ready for distribution and translate well in any listening environment.


Here are the people who will be working to make your vision come to life.

John Peters III

Music Producer

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