Free Plugin: Slate Digital Monster

How’s it going everyone?  I have another free plugin for you today and it is a MONSTER of a plugin.  The Slate Digital Monster is a free extreme dynamics processor.  This plugin emulates the popular “all buttons in” compression sound of the vintage 1176 FET hardware limiter.

Now, the Slate Digital team could have easily phoned it in on this plugin.  Since it is a free plugin, they really didn’t have to do much outside of the basic compression features (i.e. attack, release, input, and output).  Fortunately for us, they decided to add a few additional features, in order to make this a flexible must have plugin.

The Slate Digital Monster features:

  • High Frequency Detection increases the amount of high frequencies into the compression.  This allows the compressor to react more dramatically to high frequencies, creating a smoother top end.
  • Variable High-Pass Filter gives you control of your lows to make tracks sound bigger and punchier.
  • A mix knob for blending the wet and dry effects allowing for the perfect blend of compression and original dry tone.
  • And a punch button for adding… well more punch.

The mix knob is great for parallel processing.  Just put Monster on the track, dial in the right amount of compression, and mix to taste.  Another great feature is the side chained high frequency detection knob.  Whenever I use heavy compression I almost always end up EQing out some of the highs, as the high end can sound a little harsh.  So it is nice that you are able to handle this process within the plugin.

I have been testing this plugin out on a few mixes and it is killer.  Simply throw this plugin on a room mic or a drum bus and you have a great sounding parallel compression.  No additional EQ or processing required.  Since this plugin was made to be an all in one processor for creating and shaping the classic 1176 heavily compressed sound.

The Slate Digital Monster, just like all other Slate Digital plugins, requires an iLok 2 and an account with Slate Digital.  So if you all ready have an iLok then you are good to go.  So go on ahead and download it, try it out, and let me know what you think!


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