Free Plugin: Soundtoys Sie-Q

Soundtoys Sie-Q is the first dedicated equalizer plugin released by Soundtoys.  And for a limited time they are offering it for free!

Sie-Q Features:

  • Get airy top end with the super-smooth High band
  • Accentuate or tame mid-range details with the switched Mid band
  • Carve out some space or add rich bass with the Low band
  • Push the Drive control to recreate the color of the original EQ

I have been trying this plugin out for a little bit and I am really liking what I hear so far.  I have been using it in a mastering session and this plugin is perfect for adding just a little bit of lift to an entire track.  The top end this plugin adds is incredibly smooth and airy.

Soundtoys Sie-Q is free through October 13, 2016.  After that the plugin will retail for $129.  You will need both an iLok account (free) and a Soundtoys account (free) in order to download it.  So go on ahead and download it, try it out, and let me know what you think!

Soundtoys Sie-Q



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