Free Mid-Side Processing Macro Plugin for Ableton Live

Hey everyone!  I created a free macro plugin in Ableton Live using only the stock plugins.  This is a mid-side processing macro plugin and it will be available for free download.  Here are the features of this mid-side processing macro plugin:

  • Adjust the volume of the center/middle of the stereo field
  • Adjust the volume of the sides of the stereo field
  • Add low end frequencies to the center and sides, independently of one another
  • Add high end frequencies to the center and sides, independently of each other
  • Adjustable master fader volume for gain staging and level matching

This plugin is great for individual stereo tracks during the mixing stage.  It can also be used on the mix bus or during the mastering phase to help adjust any small mixing issues.  For instance, let’s say the snare, kick, and vocal are a little too quiet.  Well one thing you can do to fix that problem is either turn up the center or turn down the sides.  Perhaps the kick could use a little more low end, but you don’t want to muddy up the sides.  Well you can add a little bit of low end to the center, in order to help beef up your kick.

Turning up the highs on the sides is a great way to add some subtle stereo width and feel to the track.  I recommend using this plugin for subtle enhancements, otherwise you might want to go back and make some adjustments to the mix.  Adjusting any of the parameters too much can mess with your source’s phase.  This can result in a very unpleasant out of phase sound.

The video below contains a quick demonstration of this mid-side macro plugin on a final mix.  So check it out and if you would like to download it, the link is in the description.

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more of these macro plugins!

Stay creative, stay encouraged, stay inspired, and stay motivated.

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