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The Ozone Imager is a free stereo imaging plugin from iZotope Inc.  This plugin is based on the stereo imager module from Ozone 7.  And while this standalone version may be slightly stripped down, it still offers the same high-quality stereo imaging as the full version.

The Ozone Imager has a simple and easy to use interface which includes two control sliders (width & stereoize amount), a Vectorscope (with three visual metering options), and a Correlation Meter.  The width control controls how wide or narrow the sound is.  The amount controls the amount of stereo information added to the sound to make it sound more stereo.  The Stereoize function, when turned on, allows you to add depth and stereo width to mono or very narrow sounds (without sacrificing mono compatibility).  The Vectorscope graphically displays the stereo image.  The Vectorscope has three modes for visually displaying the stereo image: Polar Sample, Polar Level, and Lissajous.  And the correlation meter indicates the amount of similarity between the left and right channels.


The Ozone Imager widens sounds in a very smooth and natural sounding way.  I find that certain stereo imagers can make things sound a little weird and artificial when widening.  Such is not the case with this plugin.  The Ozone Imager is also 100% mono compatible.  So you can widen your mixes without having to worry about unpleasant artifacts when playing the mix back in mono.  The integrated Vectorscope and Correlation Meter are great for giving you precise visual feedback to help guide your mixing and mastering decisions.

The Ozone Imager is a must have plugin for anyone that wants a great stereo imaging plugin.  I personally think it is the best free stereo imager on the market.  It is even better than some of the paid stereo imagers out there!  So check it out, download it, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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iZotope Ozone Imager


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