Free Plugin – Soundtoys Little Plate

Soundtoys Little Plate is a warm, rich, and spacious plate reverb plugin that takes inspiration from the original EMT 140 plate reverb.  For a limited time, you can get this great sounding reverb plugin for free!  If you need to hear it in action, here is a demonstration of the lush sound of the Little Plate on a lead synth and a vocal.


Soundtoys Little Plate has just a few simple and easy to use controls.  The decay knob controls the length of the reverb and ranges from half a second to infinity.  The mix knob controls the balance between the dry signal and the wet signal.  The low cut is a low cut filter that ranges from 20Hz to 1kHz.  Use the low cut to remove unwanted bass frequencies from the reverb and help keep your mix clean.  The mod switch, when engaged, adds slight modulation to the tail of the reverb.  This can result in a thicker and smoother sound, especially at long decay times on pitched instruments like guitar, keys, and vocals.

This reverb has some serious vibes and sounds great on just about anything you put it on.  I find that it has a smooth bit of brightness on the top end that adds a little something to the character.  This will sound great in most cases, but, depending on the mix, you might need to add a low pass filter in order to make it fit.  If you are looking to add some vintage plate reverb sounds to your songs then this is definitely the plugin for you.


  • Add the sound of vintage plate reverb to your tracks
  • Push beyond the limits of the hardware with extended reverb decay time
  • Create infinite reverb effects that never decay
  • Optional modulation for natural-sounding variation in the reverb tail
  • Low Cut filter to tame low-frequency build-up
  • 25 distinct presets to quickly dial in a sound

Soundtoys Little Plate is available for free until November 22, 2017. After that, it will retail for $99 so make sure you download it before then!

Soundtoys Little Plate


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