Audio Track Defaults in Ableton Live 9

Whenever you add a new audio track to a session in Ableton, by default, it is completely blank and free of plugins.  If you find yourself adding the same plugins to each new audio track then setting up your audio track defaults will definitely save you some time.  In this video, I will show you a couple of different ways to setup the default audio track preset in Ableton Live 9.  This quick little tip can help you to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity.

Side note: When creating your own default audio track preset I find it best to keep it simple.  The reason is that each time you create a new audio track Ableton will need to load the default audio track preset.  So if you are using a plugin that takes a long time to load, then that will slow down the amount of time it takes to create a new audio track.  So a simple stock EQ, compressor, and utility plugin inside of an audio effects rack can be a good foundation, as it creates a nice basic channel strip for each of your new audio tracks.

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