Waves Sibilance is FREE for Black Friday

Waves Sibilance is a new transparent vocal de-esser plugin that is free this Black Friday weekend!  This is a fantastic de-esser plugin that allows you to de-ess vocals in a very natural and organic sounding way.

Sibilance features the following:

  • Clever, fast, powerful de-esser specifically designed for vocals and voiceovers
  • Smooth, glitch-free removal of harsh ‘s’ sounds like never before
  • Separates the sibilant parts of the vocal without changing the vocal’s original tone
  • Easy-to-use threshold and sensitivity controls
  • Innovative sibilance detector powered by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology
  • Sibilance detection graph to help you visualize the amount of ‘s’ reduction
  • Variable range modes: from wide to split-band processing

Certain digital audio workstations like Ableton Live don’t include a stock de-esser plugin.  I know that when I first started producing music in Ableton Live one thing that I often missed having was a stock de-esser. This is the reason why I created my own de-esser using the stock multiband dynamics plugin.  And while you can still create your own vocal de-esser for free, you can now also have access to a higher-quality one for free!

Waves Sibilance is only free for a limited time so make sure that you pick it up before its too late!

Download: https://www.waves.com/plugins/sibilance

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