Waves H-Comp is FREE this Cyber Monday

From now through Cyber Monday you can get the Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor for free. That’s right. FREE.

This is the second of two free plugins that Waves have dropped in the past few days. The first free plugin was the fantastic transparent vocal de-esser plugin Sibilance. I really hope that everyone reading this was able to pick up Sibilance for free as the limited time Black Friday promotion is now over.

The H-Comp is a hybrid compressor that combines the modeled behavior of transformers, tubes, and transistors with the power and precision that only a plugin can provide. This results in a warm analog style compressor.

H-Comp features the following:

  • Analog modeled release behavior
  • Wet/dry mix for easy parallel compression
  • Unique transient pass-through punch control
  • Exclusive BPM-sync release function
  • Analog character modes
  • Output limiter/clipper modes
  • External sidechain support

This plugin is great for compressing vocals, bass, and adding punch and character to drums. You can also synch the release time to the bpm of your host application. This feature is very useful for mixing or producing genres like electronic dance music.

Waves H-Comp is currently on sale for $35, but regularly goes for $179. So make sure that you pick up this plugin and don’t miss out on this fantastic Cyber Monday deal!

Download: https://www.waves.com/free

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