Native Instruments RAUM Reverb Plugin is FREE This Holiday Season

Native Instruments RAUM Reverb Plugin

Each year Native Instruments puts out a free plugin in December during the holiday season. Last year’s free plugin was the TK-01: a creative kick and bass sound designer that can be used with the free Reaktor Player. For this year’s free holiday gift Native Instruments is giving away a new reverb plugin called RAUM.

RAUM is a creative reverb plugin that can be used as a subtle mixing tool or for creative sound design. It is capable of creating a plethora of reverb spaces and sounds. Whether you are looking for a lush airy reverb, tight ambience, huge spacious sounds, or abstract echos, RAUM can create all kinds of spacious sounds both small and large.

RAUM features a feedback section that is capable of using the plugin as an echo, resonator, or basic looper. There is also a freeze function which is enabled by clicking on a decorative snowflake. The freeze function is used to freeze the tail of the reverb indefinitely and can be used to turn the effect into a sound generator or create atmospheric soundscapes.

RAUM features:

  • Three Modes: Airy, Cosmic, and Grounded
  • Feedback Knob (for Echo Effects)
  • Predelay Knob
  • Low Cut and High Cut Knobs
  • Diffusion and Size Knobs
  • Decay Knob
  • Modulation Knob
  • Dampening Knob
  • Mix Knob
  • Freeze Function
  • 110 Presets for Small, Medium, and Large Rooms + Creative Room and Echo Sounds

Native Instruments is also offering a free $25 e-voucher and an entry into their holiday giveaway for a chance to win:

  • Komplete 12 Ultimate Collector’s Edition
  • A Maschine Mikro
  • A Komplete Kontrol A49 keyboard
  • Traktor Kontrol S3

Native Instruments RAUM is only free until January 16th, 2020 so make sure you download it while you can!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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